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I would definitely recommend Alex Ryan at Sky Physiotherapy, Ashton Gate. Alex treated me for back and leg pain with massage and exercises. I feel alot more flexible, pain free and confident for playing golf and other sports. A very professional and friendly clinic.

Helen Wintle
After a recommendation from a current client I was introduced initially to Donna and had five great sessions before and after Christmas 2021....great result re my sore back. Since then I have had 9 treatments with Alex Ryan and final session tomorrow. Both Donna and Alex have been fantastic and I have great pleasure in recommending their treatment to you. Supportive, enthusiastic and caring......Late November back pain now seems a ling time ago!!

Tom O'Neill
Having suffered with a niggling hip for a few months which was progressively worsening I finally decided to do something about it. Sean was great, very informative and pulled together an exercise plan for me, which he also emailed across so no excuses! These exercises have helped strengthen other muscle groups and I am no longer suffering. Just wish I’d gone earlier!

Della Neilson
I worked with Sean on a hamstring and hip injury, Having never had a long-term injury before I was unsure what I needed to work on to get back running. Sean was patient, knowledgable and thorough, supporting me to a full recovery. He offered advice on my running technique and gave me strength exercises to avoid injury. I learnt so much about how important it is to do strength exercises, stretch and take full recovery time if my body needs it. I would highly recommend him.

Lola Martin
I was originally recommended Blue sky physiotherapy by my partner who had previously had some treatment with Donna, and I can absolutely see why. I had a great consultation with Donna, not only is she extremely knowledgable but the service was fantastic throughout the appointment and has been ever since. Would very much highly recommend for anyone seeking a high quality physio!

Ryan Warner
I had treatment for a back injury - Donna was clear and knowledgeable and her treatment was brilliant, I noticed improvements immediately. I am a professional circus performer so I have seen many physios and healthcare practitioners; for me, Donna is by far the best physio I've found in the area. Would definitely recommend.

Maia Ayling
Donna is fantastic. She takes a comprehensive review first to really understand the issue. She then takes the time to explain what she is planning to do and why she believes it will help. Her extensive knowledge and her drive to keep on top of the latest research is of tangible benefit to her patients. Not to mention she is really friendly!

Anna Mealings
Donna is an excellent physio who has managed to sort me out in respect of various ailments over the years. Not only is Donna great at providing treatment, she has a fantastic knowledge of what caused the issue and what exercises are needed for rehab to strengthen the body and to prevent it happening again. Donna helped resolve issues I was having with my knees which allowed me to take up skiing and is currently helping me resolve calf issues so I can continue to participate in triathlons. I highly recommend.

Jon Deacon
I would like to extend my personal thanks to Donna and The Whole Team at Bluesky. Without my weekly ‘face to face’ Holistic Physiotherapy Sessions I’m not sure how I would cope both Physically & mentally. Donna’s empathetic approach, and expertise is greatly assisting with my rehabilitation, improving pain, mobility and whole Wellbeing. I hope that during the current National Lockdown the Government will still see and say that Physiotherapist are an important medical service. If this service isn’t seen as ‘essential’ then I will personally end up regressing, not only physically but mentally as well. I am so ‘praying’ �� that Bluesky will continue to remain ‘open’ offering these much needy weekly physio sessions. Kindest of regards, your very thankful client, Elaine.

Elaine Creber
Having snapped my cruciate ligament two years ago I underwent reconstructive surgery. I was recommended to Donna by my surgeon. She gave me the confidence that by following her exercise program I would fully recover and resume all my old activities, and within six months I was back to normal. Earlier this year I damaged my back on returning to Donna last month I am now following a new exercise program and I'm pleased to say I have already seen some improvement.

Paul Oxley
I can’t recommend Donna and Alex enough. I had torn a muscle whilst training in the gym. This was causing persistent pain and sleepless nights on pain killers. Donna diagnosed the route problem, immediately focusing on fixing the pain to allow me to sleep. The focus then turned to rehab and strengthening to reduce the risk of any further injury with the support of Alex. These are functional exercises that I can incorporate into my routine. What I really liked was everything was broken down and explained so I knew exactly what I was doing and why. Don’t struggle with injury, let Blue Sky help.

Grant Allen
I highly recommend Donna at Blue Sky. I have found her to be kind, understanding and compassionate. She saw me at short notice for my first appointment with her and she has helped me immensely. Donna is very dedicated to her clients and in helping them recover. Thank you.

Anna Godfrey
I was referred to see Donna at blue sky physio by a Dr on behalf of my daughter who has on going lower back pain and a chiropractor was not helping. Donna managed to see my daughter within a week, carried out a thorough examination and sent us away with exercises to do. It was recommended that she had an MRI, to which Donna sorted this out for us within a few days of me asking her. From emailing Blue sky to a consultation, treatment and an MRI, it has been outstanding service especially in the current Covid situation. I would highly recommend Donna and she has given us some hope.

Emma Utley
I was referred to Blue sky following a significant knee operation and subsequent infection which resulted in limited movement of my knee joint and various associated complexities. Donna was able to quickly identify exactly what needed to happen and at what pace balancing the risk of impacting the infection and enhancing joint movement taking a holistic approach to recovery to prevent the knee issue having a knock on effect of other joints. The home exercise regime was also really helpful to maintain progress in between appointments.

James Wakeford
Donna has been a real find for me! Exceptional Physio therapist with the knowledge, and experience which make her approach absolutely outstanding. I have worked with a number of Physio's over the years, but none that treat the person as a whole, rather than just the symptom. A combination of major surgery, severe concussion and bad habits left me weak and in pain. Donna has rebuilt me to a level I didn't think possible through a new way of doing things, together with a well thought out rehabilitation programme driving stamina, strength and reduced pain. She has exceptional experience, has taught her profession to others, and has a passion for the industry rarely seen. I would recommend Donna to anyone who is struggling, and needs help what ever the fitness level, young or old. An amazing lady to work with!

Jennifer Marks
Very experienced, knowledgable and offer range of different specialties. Donna and Paul were amazing and got me back to playing rugby after a year with injury. Decided there was no one better to take care of my niggles during the season/off season and they proved me right, going above and beyond to help me get back to normal physical activity, they really care about their clients. Thank you.

Thomas Fairburn
I am a mum of a 12 year old boy who has leg alignment issues. Having spent several years trying to find the right help for him and being pushed from pillar to post by various people we finally came across Donna at Bluesky. Within minutes she had sussed out the main issues and was clear on a plan moving forward. Her experience and knowledge is unbelievable and her manner while dealing with my son was fabulous. We are now working on a carefully formed plan of sports rehab with Alex at Bluesky, who is making all the exercises fun and engaging while pushing my son to work harder than he ever has before. Alex has been reassuring while challenging my son and I’ve never heard him say he enjoys exercise before so I was thrilled to hear this today! Thank you Bluesky, for your excellent work!!

Sarah Williams
My experience with blue sky and Donna in particular has been amazing from start to finish. Donna's expert knowledge and professional but friendly and warm manner put me at ease straight away and she really helped me to understand in depth the injury that I had sustained and how we would work to make it better. The exercises and effective treatment from Donna helped me to recover quickly until I was completely pain free. After I sustained a second injury I would go no where else apart from blue sky, Donna managed to fit me in extremely quickly despite being busy and Covid-19 going on and has again provided outstanding care. Would recommend to anyone looking for outstanding physiotherapy.

Chloe Morris
The service and the experience working with Donna was remarkable, after a serious cycling accident 4 years ago, recurring shoulder/neck problems have been he order of the day. But Donna has a remarkable knowledge of matters and techniques that a Physiotherapist can apply and do. Search no more, just pick up phone, make the call, set the appointment and improvement will follow.

Edwin Sands
I have had 2 sets of injuries which Donna of Blue Sky has helped me with. In each case the results have been excellent and Donna herself has proved to be a very professional and caring therapist. I would recommend her without reservation.

Malcolm Shorney
I cannot speak more highly of Donna and her team at Blue Sky. I have seen at least 15 different private physios after trying to recover from a complicated and serious accident over the years. Not one came close to the knowledge and expertise donna has shown. She has taken me from being unable to sit down and having uncontrollable nerve issues and muscles spasms to being back to all my sports (MTB surfing and climbing), being able to sit down and live a normal life again. I cannot explain how life changing meeting donna has been. No one else including the NHS had a clue what to do, but donna put her knowledge to the test and has done me proud. Blue sky are the only physios you should go see.

Robin Lewis
I worked with Sean on a foot issue and some related knee and hip mobility issues. I’m a longtime endurance athlete and have worked with many health professionals in the US and the UK. Sean was one of the finest I have ever worked with—he’s extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him!

I have had recent (and ongoing) treatment from Donna for a back injury. She has been professional, understanding and highly knowledgable and has provided very effective treatment. I am convinced that this treatment has significantly speeded up my recovery.

Impressive and highly recommended.

Jo Cullen
Blue sky physio have been brilliant! I had an initial consultation with Donna then have worked with Charlie since. I've experienced a fair amount of sports physiotherapists in my time and I can say that my experience here has been thorough and effective. Thanks team!

Bex G
I’m a 17 year old boy and I’m taking my A levels at the end of May. 6 months ago I suffered a tibial plateau fracture leaving me with massive pain and worrying about stages of recovery. I started seeing Donna around a month ago at Blue Sky Physio and my progression in recovery has been unbelievable. I’ve gone from 2 crutches to fully weight bearing within space of a month. She is very kind and considerate and has a real interest in every patient she sees. Couldn’t recommend her enough!

Finn Greaves
Have had quite a few years with back pain from slipped disc and seen various physios and other specialists. Donna was referred by my consultant and she has done wonders! Back pain virtually gone in around 4 weeks and now working with Charlie on strengthening my core. Thanks Donna.

Jonathan Reynolds
Had a very frustrating year with back spasms, Donna has nearly fixed me in six weeks. Explained her diagnosis clearly, and told me what I needed to do. Back playing golf again, two first places and one runner up, in a fortnight, I'm a fan! Thanks Donna.

Andrew Burns
I have known and used Donna's professional service as a physiotherapist for many years now and she is most definitely the best there is. She has predominantly treated me for ongoing chronic back problems as a result of my nursing profession, but more recently knee rehabilitation following an ACL reconstruction. Her expertise and attention to detail is second to none. It is not just her expertise as a physiotherapist, but her empathy and holistic approach to treating each individual always ensures the best possible outcome . I would highly recommend (and do so on a regular basis) using Blue Sky - you will not be disappointed.

Jenny Incledon
Extraordinary quality of work from Donna Sanderson built on experience helping England rugby through to world titles and teaching GPs to diagnosis problems better.

Tom Walmsley
I was recommended Donna after I had the result of my MRI scan. Her expertise in explaining what I have to do and how it will help with my back problems, has given the confidence to commit 100% to exercise plan she has given me. It has only been two months but I am already feeling the benefits. Donna has my total commitment and with her support and detailed explanation of the purpose of each new exercise I know I'll be playing golf again before the summer.

Kevin Haskins
Donna was an excellent physio! I contacted Blue Sky Sports Physio towards the end of my rehab for ACL reconstruction. She assessed the level I was at with my knee in the first session and then gave me great sessions each week which progressed nicely. I saw excellent results and gained muscle and stability quickly. Towards the end, Donna introduced sport specific exercises which gave me more confidence on my knee so I could start playing again. I would definitely recommend Blue Sky Sports Physio- Donna was lovely, the facilities were great and I felt very supported in my rehab.

Miranda Nicholes
Donna was recommended to me by a consultant and a personal trainer for my back problems which I have had for 15 years. I had chronic back pain which prevented me from sleeping and exercising. Within 6 weeks of seeing Donna I have had the first pain free days I've had for years and am able to exercise more freely. I could not recommend anyone more highly. Very personable, very professional and reasonably priced.

Antony Walsh
I can’t recommend BlueSkySport Physio highly enough. Donna is simply one of the best physiotherapist in Bristol. She has helped me and my family with various injuries over a number of years. Donna has outstanding knowledge, but also talent for healing and for helping people. I’ve also recently met Charlie Samuel who specializes in rehabilitation programs. The advice and exercises I’ve been given by both Donna and Charlie are already making a huge difference and I’m almost pain free for the first time in months. I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to anyone who needs a professional and effective treatment for any musculoskeletal problems. Thank you so much!

Elena Yates
I have been using Blue Sky for the past decade following 3 knee surgeries, 2 of which include ACL reconstructions. Over this period I have got to know the staff incredibly well, not only are they kind, personable people, their professionalism and dedication to helping their clients recover from injuries always exceeds my expectations. I am about to undergo another ACL reconstruction and have no doubt Blue Sky will deliver for me as they have done many times before. Thank you for all you have done for me. I would highly recommend Blue Sky to anyone seeking all types of physio treatment.

Chris Incledon
I've been visiting Donna at Blue Sky for almost 15 years. Most of my rehab has been as a result of serious rugby injuries (including knee and shoulder reconstructions). On both occasions, Donna's expert guidance and encouragement has resulted in full recoveries over and above the surgeons expectations. Having given up the rugby, I continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, all of which may not have been possible without Donna's help. We have recommended friends and family to use Donna following injuries or niggles and she never manages to disappoint. If you have any sporting or everyday injuries I would highly recommend using Blue Sky Physio. I wouldn't turn to anyone else.

Charles Inks
I cannot recommend Donna and Blue Sky Physio enough!

I had been to many physios and osteopaths over the years but it was only when I started working with Donna that the root of my back problems were identified. Very quickly, Donna isolated the area, symptoms and gave a prognosis that was so precise I wondered how everyone else had missed it for so long!

Donna's care is second to none and one feels in safe and secure hands. Her range of scope for treatment is extensive - it's no wonder she has worked at such a high level in her field. I feel very fortunate that Donna has this private practice that can heal professional and non-professional sports players alike.

I literally tell anyone with any body pain to visit Donna - not only is she warm, welcoming and puts you at ease immediately, she is extremely good at her job!

Rachel Adams
Thank you Donna for all your help with getting me back to running, I thought my running days were over at 58 but with advice and strengthening exercises and the odd painful sports massage, I am gradually getting there. Learned so much and how important stretching is to keep everything in line etc.

Tracey Heal
Donna Sanderson-Hull and her Blue Sky team are superb general and sports physio therapy professionals who we can’t recommend highly enough. We are a family of 2 late fifties parents and two late twenties rugby playing sons. Over many years Donna and her Blue Sky team have helped our family recover brilliantly from injuries, surgeries, fitness niggles and general lifestyle problems that show physical symptoms. Donna’s holistic and investigative approach always digs down to the causal problems and often they aren’t what you thought they were! Great physio follows on which is normally a combination of hands on therapy, any technics they benefit the process and very importantly some home work to get you into symptom free and proactive shape! Not just great results but really nice, genuine people who put your wellness in front of money like many other clinics may do. My advice from 59 years of sports and general injuries, try Donna and her team first before you engage with Chiro’s, Osteo’s, Reflexologists etc, etc! Keep up the great work Donna!

Mark Appleby
Thankfully I was introduced to Donna after 10 months of sciatic pain,strong pain killers and MRI scans all of which did nothing to improve my condition. At my first session Donna diagnosed my pain source to be wasted leg and hip muscles, resulting in a very painful piriformis muscle. After only three visits, following the exercises suggested, which I did I was able to see a light at the end of my pain tunnel by a reduction in my pain level. I am able to drive again albeit it is still uncomfortable but is reducing week by week as my muscle build up increases. I have every confidence that the recovery program and advise I have received will lead to a full pain free recovery. Thank you Donna. Don't suffer as I did give Donna and her team a call.

Alan Boulter
Donna takes a holistic approach to your care and explains clearly what she is doing and how best you can improve your own condition. I owe so much to Donna and my only regret is that I didn’t seek her out sooner.

Nikki Ball
I received some treatment last September which was of the highest quality and made such a positive impact on my life I wanted to give some feedback.

Essentially I just wanted to thank Donna Sanderson-Hall for the treatment I received. She was so warm, friendly and very personable. I'd seen a couple of people before coming to see Donna and was so pleased when she identified my problem straight away, over the course of six weeks she gave me 1st class treatment which meant I was soon on the mend. I received such a professional service, it couldn't have been better.

Obviously having suffered the injury for quite a while this was a great relief, more than that though it meant I was able to go on holiday and enjoy the surfing trip I had planned. This meant so much to me as I'd been looking forward to the trip all year. I wasn't fully fit when I left for holiday, however, she recommended the right exercises and stretches, as well as medication, to ensure that my healing continued whilst I was away.
Thank you so much Donna, I'll recommending you to all,

Hi Donna, Just a note to thank you for you help last year with my shoulder. The work we did beforehand meant the joint was much stronger than previously, and will help with the recovery. It is nearly four weeks post-op now and I have my first visit to the physio at Weston General on Monday, we’ll see how that goes! I only have 8 sessions there, so will probably get back in touch to continue the work you began. The shoulder is still sore, and weak, but I hope that after a few more months it will be much improved.

After we visited Mr Crowther he referred me through the NHS for a scan (arthroscope). He was satisfied there was a bigger problem with the shoulder as you thought. After the scan we decided an operation was the best way forward. This January he performed the surgery and stapled the superior labrum back in place. Apart from some osteophytes there was no other damage to the tissue but he thought the labrum was being caught in the joint at times causing the pain. He left the bones alone for the moment since they are not causing any problems yet. (but possibly in the future) These are probably the result of playing contact sports.

So many thanks for your help in the beginning, I am sure that it has meant the area was better prepared for the surgery the before. I am still using the exercises for the good shoulder. Once again thank you for all the help, I would recommend your work to anyone struggling with an injury.

Jim B.
I have been helped with many injuries over the years from blue sky.The care was very comprehensive. Extraordinary quality of work from Donna Sanderson built on experience helping England rugby through to world titles and teaching GPs to diagnosis problems better. She will constantly focuses on the main injury while taking everything else into consideration too. I also had my insoles in my trainers sorted by Ace Feet in motion organised by Donna.

Tom Walmsley
Excellent. Donna has overseen my re-hab. following spinal surgery 12 months ago with a view to getting back to playing sport. Donna is very analytical as well as knowledgeable and takes great care designing and reviewing a gym program to complement my physio. sessions. She even re-modelled my golf swing to prevent re-injuring the lower back. I`m back on the golf course and gradually re-introducing racquet sports. Daily exercises at home and the gym plus monthly maintenance with Donna keeps me fit and well. Thanks - I highly recommend Donna (and the rest of the team).

Peter Latham
When I first came to see Donna I was feeling very low. I was suffering from acute pain in my lower back and hip which was becoming unbearable. Doctors and consultants didn't know what to do to help. I was no longer able to do the things I loved: walk far, dance or even get up my hill to the shops. I was worn out due to lack of sleep and didn't know what to do. Donna assessed me in detail and pinpointed the exact area of the problem. My first treatment gave me a lot of relief and I realised she was very special. I returned for more sessions and gradually started to improve. She suggested exercises to strengthen my weak muscles and recommended that I do hydrotherapy to maintain the progress. All this I do regularly and have continued to benefit from this along with top up sessions from Donna. I would highly recommend her professionalism and her common sense approach. She is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at her job. I was previously on a down-hill trajectory but now feel that life has opened up for me again.

Sarah Barlow
I don't know what state I'd be in now if I hadn't found Donna at Bluesky 4 years ago. After years of trying to find the answers for all my back & hip pain, I cant thank her enough for finding out what was really wrong with me and helping me through surgery and beyond . She has amazing knowledge & professionalism yet is kind and caring as well.

Caroline Burrowson
Can run, can swim, can train hard! All down to Claire and Donna who are just magnificent! Why didn't I see them sooner?? Thorough, professional, kind, so knowledgeable and excellent results. Thank you!

Anoo Jain
I have been treated by Donna and the rest of her professional team for over 15 years, they provide fantastic care and will get you moving again before you know it. Can't recommend them enough.

Neil Mander

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