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The Blue Sky team has successfully treated thousands of people over the years. We pride ourselves on good quality care and therefore recommendations by word of mouth.

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Is lingering swelling holding you back after surgery or injury?


Justine is our MLDuk registered Senior Physiotherapist. Here she offers 5 top tips for optimising your lymphatic health and healing

Fiona Moon


Excellent and above all thorough service from Donna and very helpful nice staff. Really helped as I was floundering to get good treatment having tripped in a pothole. I wouldn't necessarily have thought to go to a sports physio but Donna was recommended by a friend and I am very pleased I went as she accurately pinpointed what the rather elusive issue was and gave me the appropriate exercises which are really helping finally to address the discomfort down my leg, which is now much more comfortable. Thank you Donna.

Neil Mander


I have been treated by Donna and the rest of her professional team for over 15 years, they provide fantastic care and will get you moving again before you know it. Can't recommend them enough.

Anoo Jain


Can run, can swim, can train hard! All down to Claire and Donna who are just magnificent! Why didn't I see them sooner?? Thorough, professional, kind, so knowledgeable and excellent results. Thank you!

Caroline Burrowson


I don't know what state I'd be in now if I hadn't found Donna at Bluesky 4 years ago. After years of trying to find the answers for all my back & hip pain, I cant thank her enough for finding out what was really wrong with me and helping me through surgery and beyond . She has amazing knowledge & professionalism yet is kind and caring as well.

Sarah Barlow


When I first came to see Donna I was feeling very low. I was suffering from acute pain in my lower back and hip which was becoming unbearable. Doctors and consultants didn't know what to do to help. I was no longer able to do the things I loved: walk far, dance or even get up my hill to the shops. I was worn out due to lack of sleep and didn't know what to do. Donna assessed me in detail and pinpointed the exact area of the problem. My first treatment gave me a lot of relief and I realised she was very special. I returned for more sessions and gradually started to improve. She suggested exercises to strengthen my weak muscles and recommended that I do hydrotherapy to maintain the progress. All this I do regularly and have continued to benefit from this along with top up sessions from Donna. I would highly recommend her professionalism and her common sense approach. She is extremely knowledgeable and excellent at her job. I was previously on a down-hill trajectory but now feel that life has opened up for me again.

Peter Latham


Excellent. Donna has overseen my re-hab. following spinal surgery 12 months ago with a view to getting back to playing sport. Donna is very analytical as well as knowledgeable and takes great care designing and reviewing a gym program to complement my physio. sessions. She even re-modelled my golf swing to prevent re-injuring the lower back. I`m back on the golf course and gradually re-introducing racquet sports. Daily exercises at home and the gym plus monthly maintenance with Donna keeps me fit and well. Thanks - I highly recommend Donna (and the rest of the team).

Tom Walmsley


I have been helped with many injuries over the years from blue sky.The care was very comprehensive. Extraordinary quality of work from Donna Sanderson built on experience helping England rugby through to world titles and teaching GPs to diagnosis problems better. She will constantly focuses on the main injury while taking everything else into consideration too. I also had my insoles in my trainers sorted by Ace Feet in motion organised by Donna.

Jim B.


Hi Donna, Just a note to thank you for you help last year with my shoulder. The work we did beforehand meant the joint was much stronger than previously, and will help with the recovery. It is nearly four weeks post-op now and I have my first visit to the physio at Weston General on Monday, we’ll see how that goes! I only have 8 sessions there, so will probably get back in touch to continue the work you began. The shoulder is still sore, and weak, but I hope that after a few more months it will be much improved.

After we visited Mr Crowther he referred me through the NHS for a scan (arthroscope). He was satisfied there was a bigger problem with the shoulder as you thought. After the scan we decided an operation was the best way forward. This January he performed the surgery and stapled the superior labrum back in place. Apart from some osteophytes there was no other damage to the tissue but he thought the labrum was being caught in the joint at times causing the pain. He left the bones alone for the moment since they are not causing any problems yet. (but possibly in the future) These are probably the result of playing contact sports.

So many thanks for your help in the beginning, I am sure that it has meant the area was better prepared for the surgery the before. I am still using the exercises for the good shoulder. Once again thank you for all the help, I would recommend your work to anyone struggling with an injury.



I received some treatment last September which was of the highest quality and made such a positive impact on my life I wanted to give some feedback.

Essentially I just wanted to thank Donna Sanderson-Hall for the treatment I received. She was so warm, friendly and very personable. I'd seen a couple of people before coming to see Donna and was so pleased when she identified my problem straight away, over the course of six weeks she gave me 1st class treatment which meant I was soon on the mend. I received such a professional service, it couldn't have been better.

Obviously having suffered the injury for quite a while this was a great relief, more than that though it meant I was able to go on holiday and enjoy the surfing trip I had planned. This meant so much to me as I'd been looking forward to the trip all year. I wasn't fully fit when I left for holiday, however, she recommended the right exercises and stretches, as well as medication, to ensure that my healing continued whilst I was away.
Thank you so much Donna, I'll recommending you to all,

Nikki Ball


Donna takes a holistic approach to your care and explains clearly what she is doing and how best you can improve your own condition. I owe so much to Donna and my only regret is that I didn’t seek her out sooner.

Alan Boulter


Thankfully I was introduced to Donna after 10 months of sciatic pain,strong pain killers and MRI scans all of which did nothing to improve my condition. At my first session Donna diagnosed my pain source to be wasted leg and hip muscles, resulting in a very painful piriformis muscle. After only three visits, following the exercises suggested, which I did I was able to see a light at the end of my pain tunnel by a reduction in my pain level. I am able to drive again albeit it is still uncomfortable but is reducing week by week as my muscle build up increases. I have every confidence that the recovery program and advise I have received will lead to a full pain free recovery. Thank you Donna. Don't suffer as I did give Donna and her team a call.

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