Podiatry care aims to alleviate foot and ankle pain, improve mobility and function, prevent further complications, and enhance the overall quality of life.

Are you having foot or ankle problems?

Podiatry care can be essential in reducing stress on our musculoskeletal system. Blue Sky works with Ace Feet in Motion who provide our bespoke Podiatry services.

We focus on diagnosing and finding the root of your problem to create an effective treatment plan that will help you get back on your feet and start moving and feeling better.

We also help you with prevention methods, so you can continue your chosen activities moving forward and keep on your feet.

Our clinic is able to provide onsite specialists for the provision of custom-made orthotics and have very close links with radiologists and orthopedic surgeons for private referrals.

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Our Podiatry Treatments


The provision of Orthotics can play a significant role in improving foot and ankle health and contributing to overall mobility and comfort. 


By assessing the way you move, our therapists can identify any issues and help you correct them.

Trainer Assessments

We can conduct trainer assessments to analyze the suitability of athletic shoes for your specific foot type and activity level.

Prevention Care

For many patients, podiatry care involves ongoing management and preventative measures.

This may include regular foot examinations, education on proper foot care, and the recommendation of appropriate footwear and exercises.

As part of your treatment plan our team will help you with preventative methods for maintaining your foot and ankle problems, so you can live a healthier life enjoying your chosen activities.

Read What Our Patients Say...

Tom Walmsley


I have been helped with many injuries over the years from blue sky.The care was very comprehensive. Extraordinary quality of work from Donna Sanderson built on experience helping England rugby through to world titles and teaching GPs to diagnosis problems better. She will constantly focuses on the main injury while taking everything else into consideration too. I also had my insoles in my trainers sorted by Ace Feet in motion organised by Donna.



I worked with Sean on a foot issue and some related knee and hip mobility issues. I’m a longtime endurance athlete and have worked with many health professionals in the US and the UK. Sean was one of the finest I have ever worked with—he’s extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him!

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