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Sports specialists to help you improve performance and get you back to sports you love! 

Complete Concussions Clinic, helping patients and athletes return safely to learn, work and play.

A holistic approach to our care beyond simply treating your condition.

Women's Health Services to support every stage of life.

Helping all ages achieve a better quality of health, fitness and well-being, so that pain or injury no longer clouds anyone's life. 

Who we are

Blue Sky Sports Physiotherapy is a Bristol based practice with four clinic locations, a flagship clinic in Ashton and satellite clinics in Abbots Leigh, Blagdon and Winford.

Our team is committed to providing high quality, evidence based professional care to people of all ages, abilities and aspirations, from the elite athlete to the recreational person who wants to keep active. 

We aim to ensure all our patients can achieve a better quality of health, fitness and well-being, so that pain or injury no longer clouds their lives.


What we do

Our team has a range of specialties and skills, so we can create the perfect treatment plan for your issue, your lifestyle and your goals.


Joint Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy

Muscle Function Testing

Sports Taping & Bracing

Exercise Rehabilitation

Running Analysis

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Post Injury Rehabilitation

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Injury Prevention Programmes

Ladies Health Rehabilitation

Specific Sports Rehabilitation

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Sports Medicine

Thorough Diagnostic Assessment

Injury Management Plans


Sports Nutrition

Sports Psychology

Referrals for Radiology & Orthopaedic

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Concussion Management

Acute Injury Management - Return to work, school and sports guidance.

Post Concussion Management & Rehabilitation for persistent symptoms (PCS)

Baseline Testing -  Pre-season multimodal functional brain testing.

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Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue


Sports Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Muscle Energy Techniques

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Shockwave Therapy

Tennis Elbow

Achilles Tendinopathy

Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain

Calcified Tendinopathy

Plantar Fasciitis

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Dry Needling


Traditional Chinese

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Health & Wellbeing

Chronic Stress Management

Chronic Pain Management

Breath Work

Yoga & Pilates

Ladies & Men Health Classes

Workplace Assessments

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Women's Health Services

Menopause - Consult led HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Pelvic Health

Ladies Health Group


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Trainer Assessments

Prevention Care

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Why Choose Blue Sky Physiotherapy?

Holistic Approach

Our diverse team of specialists allows us to easily assess every aspect of your health to provide holistic care.

Sports Experience

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in sports medicine, with the ability to treat a wide variety of conditions.

Onsite Facilities

Our onsite gym facilities will provide an easily accessible space to action the physical components of your care plan.

Results that Matter

Our team helps you achieve a better quality of health through high quality, evidence based professional care.


Insurance Registered

We are registered with all major medical insurance companies. If you’re looking to claim with insurance please talk to our team prior to booking so we can help and support you through the insurance process.

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What our clients say about us!

Our clients are the centre of everything we do. Read what they have to say about us.

I have been treated by Donna and the rest of her professional team for over 15 years, they provide fantastic care and will get you moving again before you know it. Can't recommend them enough.

- Neil Mander

Can run, can swim, can train hard! All down to Claire and Donna who are just magnificent! Why didn't I see them sooner?? Thorough, professional, kind, so knowledgeable and excellent results. Thank you!

- Anoo Jain

Donna takes a holistic approach to your care and explains clearly what she is doing and how best you can improve your own condition. I owe so much to Donna and my only regret is that I didn’t seek her out sooner.

- Nikki Ball

Thank you Donna for all your help with getting me back to running, I thought my running days were over at 58 but with advice and strengthening exercises and the odd painful sports massage, I am gradually getting there. Learned so much and how important stretching is to keep everything in line etc.

- Tracey Heal

Had a very frustrating year with back spasms, Donna has nearly fixed me in six weeks. Explained her diagnosis clearly, and told me what I needed to do. Back playing golf again, two first places and one runner up, in a fortnight, I'm a fan! Thanks Donna.

- Andrew Burns

Have had quite a few years with back pain from slipped disc and seen various physios and other specialists. Donna was referred by my consultant and she has done wonders! Back pain virtually gone in around 4 weeks and now working with Charlie on strengthening my core. Thanks Donna.

- Jonathan Reynolds

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