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We take a holistic approach to wellbeing and can combine several disciplines to create a bespoke plan for you.

Our Holistic Approach to Physiotherapy Treatment

At Blue Sky Physiotherapy our holistic physiotherapy care emphasises treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms or specific body parts. Our highly qualified therapists will work with you to identify the root of the problem and devise a treatment plan that supports your recovery and rehabilitation.

In holistic physiotherapy, our therapists take into account your unique needs, lifestyle, and goals. They assess not only the physical impairments or injuries but also factors such as stress, lifestyle habits, and psychological well-being that can impact the recovery process. This comprehensive assessment combined with our in-house specialists in massage, podiatry, nutrition and sports medicine, allows us to identify the underlying causes and contributes to developing an individualised treatment plan to suit your issues, your lifestyle and your goals.

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Our Physiotherapy Treatments

Joint Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a type of hands-on treatment that involves the use of various techniques to manipulate and mobilize the body’s soft tissues and joints.

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Soft Tissue Therapy

Focusing on the manipulation, mobilisations and treatment of the body's soft tissues, our soft tissue therapy is commonly used to alleviate pain, improve range of motion, and promote overall musculoskeletal health. Massage techniques used include Sports Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Swedish and Muscle Energy.

Muscle Function Testing

We assess the strength, flexibility, coordination, performance and overall function of muscles in the body through various tests and measures. This helps identify any muscle imbalances, weakness, or limitations that may contribute to pain, functional limitations, or decreased performance and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Sports Taping & Bracing

Taping and bracing are commonly used techniques in physiotherapy to help support and stabilize injured or weak joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Our therapists use a range of braces and supports to manage injury and improve recovery.

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Exercise Rehabilitation

At Blue Sky Physiotherapy we have a well-equipped gym where our therapists can support you to use exercise and movement to strengthen and realign your muscles. We can design an exercise programme that suits you, whatever your current level of fitness.

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Running Analysis

A specialised assessment that focuses on evaluating your running gait, biomechanics, and movement patterns while running. It involves a thorough examination of your technique, alignment, and muscle function during running to identify any abnormalities or inefficiencies that may contribute to pain, injury, or decreased performance.

Educating you to improve the results of your treatment

At Blue Sky Physiotherapy part of our holistic approach is to educate you on your specific problems and how the steps in your treatment plan will assist in helping you achieve a better quality of health fitness and well-being, so that pain or injury no longer clouds your life.

Why is education so important?

Empowering Patients

Educating patients in physiotherapy empowers them to take an active role in their own care. It helps patients understand their condition, the treatment plan, and what they can do to manage their symptoms.

Improved Compliance

Patients who understand their condition and treatment plan are more likely to follow through with their treatment and exercise plan. This can lead to better outcomes and faster recovery.

Better Outcomes

Patient education can lead to better outcomes by improving patient understanding of their condition, treatment plan, and self-management strategies. This can lead to reduced pain, improved mobility, and increased function.

Prevention of re-injury

Educating patients on proper posture, body mechanics, and exercise techniques can help prevent re-injury and promote long-term health.

Cost Effective

Educating patients in physiotherapy can be a cost-effective way to improve patient outcomes. It can reduce the need for repeat appointments, tests, and procedures.

Results that Matter

Overall, educating patients in physiotherapy is an essential component of our patient-centered care that can improve outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and empower patients to take control of their health.

Read What Our Patients Say...

Alan Boulter


Thankfully I was introduced to Donna after 10 months of sciatic pain,strong pain killers and MRI scans all of which did nothing to improve my condition. At my first session Donna diagnosed my pain source to be wasted leg and hip muscles, resulting in a very painful piriformis muscle. After only three visits, following the exercises suggested, which I did I was able to see a light at the end of my pain tunnel by a reduction in my pain level. I am able to drive again albeit it is still uncomfortable but is reducing week by week as my muscle build up increases. I have every confidence that the recovery program and advise I have received will lead to a full pain free recovery. Thank you Donna. Don't suffer as I did give Donna and her team a call.

Finn Greaves


I’m a 17 year old boy and I’m taking my A levels at the end of May. 6 months ago I suffered a tibial plateau fracture leaving me with massive pain and worrying about stages of recovery. I started seeing Donna around a month ago at Blue Sky Physio and my progression in recovery has been unbelievable. I’ve gone from 2 crutches to fully weight bearing within space of a month. She is very kind and considerate and has a real interest in every patient she sees. Couldn’t recommend her enough!

Chloe Morris


My experience with blue sky and Donna in particular has been amazing from start to finish. Donna's expert knowledge and professional but friendly and warm manner put me at ease straight away and she really helped me to understand in depth the injury that I had sustained and how we would work to make it better. The exercises and effective treatment from Donna helped me to recover quickly until I was completely pain free. After I sustained a second injury I would go no where else apart from blue sky, Donna managed to fit me in extremely quickly despite being busy and Covid-19 going on and has again provided outstanding care. Would recommend to anyone looking for outstanding physiotherapy.

Malcolm Shorney


I have had 2 sets of injuries which Donna of Blue Sky has helped me with. In each case the results have been excellent and Donna herself has proved to be a very professional and caring therapist. I would recommend her without reservation.

Sarah Williams


I am a mum of a 12 year old boy who has leg alignment issues. Having spent several years trying to find the right help for him and being pushed from pillar to post by various people we finally came across Donna at Bluesky. Within minutes she had sussed out the main issues and was clear on a plan moving forward. Her experience and knowledge is unbelievable and her manner while dealing with my son was fabulous. We are now working on a carefully formed plan of sports rehab with Alex at Bluesky, who is making all the exercises fun and engaging while pushing my son to work harder than he ever has before. Alex has been reassuring while challenging my son and I’ve never heard him say he enjoys exercise before so I was thrilled to hear this today! Thank you Bluesky, for your excellent work!!

James Wakeford


I was referred to Blue sky following a significant knee operation and subsequent infection which resulted in limited movement of my knee joint and various associated complexities. Donna was able to quickly identify exactly what needed to happen and at what pace balancing the risk of impacting the infection and enhancing joint movement taking a holistic approach to recovery to prevent the knee issue having a knock on effect of other joints. The home exercise regime was also really helpful to maintain progress in between appointments.

Paul Oxley


Having snapped my cruciate ligament two years ago I underwent reconstructive surgery. I was recommended to Donna by my surgeon. She gave me the confidence that by following her exercise program I would fully recover and resume all my old activities, and within six months I was back to normal. Earlier this year I damaged my back on returning to Donna last month I am now following a new exercise program and I'm pleased to say I have already seen some improvement.

Ryan Warner


I was originally recommended Blue sky physiotherapy by my partner who had previously had some treatment with Donna, and I can absolutely see why. I had a great consultation with Donna, not only is she extremely knowledgable but the service was fantastic throughout the appointment and has been ever since. Would very much highly recommend for anyone seeking a high quality physio!

Della Neilson


Having suffered with a niggling hip for a few months which was progressively worsening I finally decided to do something about it. Sean was great, very informative and pulled together an exercise plan for me, which he also emailed across so no excuses! These exercises have helped strengthen other muscle groups and I am no longer suffering. Just wish I’d gone earlier!

Dave Guyan


I was recommended Blue Sky and Donna by a physiotherapy lecturer in another part of the country, which speaks volumes in itself. Having had knee replacement surgery, Donna and her team were first class in managing my rehabilitation. I was particularly impressed by the way I was pushed to achieve targets between sessions and the sessions were designed to my specific needs. As I progressed I received emails with new progressively harder exercises to do at home to supplement my attended sessions. Donna and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and stay at the forefront of new techniques and rehab programmes. If you have an injury, operation or chronic pain I cannot recommend this talented team enough.

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