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Blue Sky promotes general health & well-being 

Our Health & Wellbeing Treatments

A large number of our patients continue to use our services long after their initial injury or treatment has finished. They enjoy looking after their future health with regular massage, rehabilitation check in's, our health groups or specialist services. 

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Our Health & Wellbeing Treatments

Chronic Stress Management

Chronic stress can lead to can lead to many physical issues, including poor sleep and concentration, poor digestion and weight gain, inflammation and pain.  Long term, this can lead to chronic illness. Blue Sky can help individuals manage stress by implementing a care package, which includes exercise, massage, acupuncture, nutrition and psychological support. 

Chronic Pain Management

Identifying the drivers of chronic pain which can negatively affect quality of life is important to master. Through education, understanding and empowering patients with techniques to manage pain, we can assist patients with a return to activities they can cope with and enjoy.

Breath Work

Research tells us that by intentionally changing our breathing patterns, we can improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being. People with chronic pain or stress can often lose the ability to breathe effectively, leading to many physical symptoms. Katie is our breathwork therapist in clinic.

Yoga & Pilates

Either one to one or in small groups, we can provide high quality sessions for improved strength and flexibility.

Ladies & Men Health Classes

Our very popular morning classes for ladies and men, run throughout the week between 10-11am. A combination circuits for Core, strength & conditioning for all ages and abilities.
Mon, Tues & Fri - Ladies Group
Thursday - Men's Group

Workplace Assessments

We can conduct a workstation, place and vehicle assessment to ensure a healthy environment for work is established. Workplace Assessments are conducted in conjunction by our trained DSE assessors

Read What Our Patients Say...

Jennifer Marks


Donna has been a real find for me! Exceptional Physio therapist with the knowledge, and experience which make her approach absolutely outstanding. I have worked with a number of Physio's over the years, but none that treat the person as a whole, rather than just the symptom. A combination of major surgery, severe concussion and bad habits left me weak and in pain. Donna has rebuilt me to a level I didn't think possible through a new way of doing things, together with a well thought out rehabilitation programme driving stamina, strength and reduced pain. She has exceptional experience, has taught her profession to others, and has a passion for the industry rarely seen. I would recommend Donna to anyone who is struggling, and needs help what ever the fitness level, young or old. An amazing lady to work with!

Elaine Creber


I would like to extend my personal thanks to Donna and The Whole Team at Bluesky. Without my weekly ‘face to face’ Holistic Physiotherapy Sessions I’m not sure how I would cope both Physically & mentally. Donna’s empathetic approach, and expertise is greatly assisting with my rehabilitation, improving pain, mobility and whole Wellbeing. I hope that during the current National Lockdown the Government will still see and say that Physiotherapist are an important medical service. If this service isn’t seen as ‘essential’ then I will personally end up regressing, not only physically but mentally as well. I am so ‘praying’ �� that Bluesky will continue to remain ‘open’ offering these much needy weekly physio sessions. Kindest of regards, your very thankful client, Elaine.

Anna Mealings


Donna is fantastic. She takes a comprehensive review first to really understand the issue. She then takes the time to explain what she is planning to do and why she believes it will help. Her extensive knowledge and her drive to keep on top of the latest research is of tangible benefit to her patients. Not to mention she is really friendly!

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