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Sports Medicine

More than just a Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Sports Medicine Service

Some of our senior team members have Masters Qualifications in Sports Medicine or have gained further qualifications as Advanced Practitioners within the NHS. We also work closely with local Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Consultants, Radiologists, Psychologists & Sports Dieticians 

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Our Sports Medicine Treatments

Thorough Diagnostic Assessment

Taking a careful history and performing a thorough examination at the initial consultation enables the clinician to provide the patient with a clear idea of the issues and likely diagnosis.

Injury Management Plans

From the assessment, the clinician can work with the patient to set expectations and goals, which will result in a patient led appropriate treatment and management plan.  


Once a patient is no longer in pain with restored movement and function, most want to continue the rehab journey, to be stronger than they were before in order to improve performance or that golf swing!

Concussion Management

We are proud to offer the Complete Concussions Program at our clinic. We provide a full evidence-based concussion management program to help our patients and athletes safely return to learn, work and play.

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Sports Nutrition

Good nutrition is critical for repair and recovery. Our team can ensure a patient is having correct basic input, but for some, a bespoke plan from our resident Sports Nutritionist and Dietician, Rachel White, will optimise fuelling for recovery & performance. 

Sports & Clinical Psychology

Mental well-being & health is vital for coping with injuries, pain and physical setbacks. We work with Chris Bodman who has guided our youth athletes and Dr Rosie Powling who looks after our concussion patients to provide professional support during the recovery journey. 

Referrals for Radiology & Orthopedic Specialists

We have very close links to local radiologists and Orthopedic Specialists. We can refer for scans, Injection procedures and surgical opinions, ensuring a stress-free pathway of care and communication between all the specialists involved. 

Adolescent Sports Injuries

When it's more than just growing pains

Adolescent sports injuries are quite common due to the physical and developmental changes that occur during this stage of life. Physiotherapy can play an important role in managing these injuries and helping adolescents to return to their sport safely.

Physiotherapy for adolescent sports injuries involves a comprehensive assessment of the injury and the individual’s overall physical health, including their growth and development.

Treatment can help adolescents not only recover from injuries, but prevent future injuries, and improve their overall physical health and well-being.

Read What Our Patients Say...

Tom Walmsley


I have been helped with many injuries over the years from blue sky.The care was very comprehensive. Extraordinary quality of work from Donna Sanderson built on experience helping England rugby through to world titles and teaching GPs to diagnosis problems better. She will constantly focuses on the main injury while taking everything else into consideration too. I also had my insoles in my trainers sorted by Ace Feet in motion organised by Donna.

Charles Inks


I've been visiting Donna at Blue Sky for almost 15 years. Most of my rehab has been as a result of serious rugby injuries (including knee and shoulder reconstructions). On both occasions, Donna's expert guidance and encouragement has resulted in full recoveries over and above the surgeons expectations. Having given up the rugby, I continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, all of which may not have been possible without Donna's help. We have recommended friends and family to use Donna following injuries or niggles and she never manages to disappoint. If you have any sporting or everyday injuries I would highly recommend using Blue Sky Physio. I wouldn't turn to anyone else.

Tom Walmsley


Extraordinary quality of work from Donna Sanderson built on experience helping England rugby through to world titles and teaching GPs to diagnosis problems better.



I worked with Sean on a foot issue and some related knee and hip mobility issues. I’m a longtime endurance athlete and have worked with many health professionals in the US and the UK. Sean was one of the finest I have ever worked with—he’s extremely thorough and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him!

Edwin Sands


The service and the experience working with Donna was remarkable, after a serious cycling accident 4 years ago, recurring shoulder/neck problems have been he order of the day. But Donna has a remarkable knowledge of matters and techniques that a Physiotherapist can apply and do. Search no more, just pick up phone, make the call, set the appointment and improvement will follow.

Thomas Fairburn


Very experienced, knowledgable and offer range of different specialties. Donna and Paul were amazing and got me back to playing rugby after a year with injury. Decided there was no one better to take care of my niggles during the season/off season and they proved me right, going above and beyond to help me get back to normal physical activity, they really care about their clients. Thank you.

Lola Martin


I worked with Sean on a hamstring and hip injury, Having never had a long-term injury before I was unsure what I needed to work on to get back running. Sean was patient, knowledgable and thorough, supporting me to a full recovery. He offered advice on my running technique and gave me strength exercises to avoid injury. I learnt so much about how important it is to do strength exercises, stretch and take full recovery time if my body needs it. I would highly recommend him.

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