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Rehabilitation is about enabling and supporting individuals to recover or adjust, to achieve their full potential and to live as full and active lives as possible.

About Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in sport refers to the process of restoring an injured athlete’s physical abilities and overall health, with the goal of returning them to their previous level of performance. This typically involves a combination of medical treatment, physical therapy, and sports-specific training.

The ultimate goal of rehabilitation in sport is to help the athlete return to their sport as quickly and safely as possible, while minimising the risk of re-injury.

Our Rehabilitation Treatments

Post Injury

Following an injury, it is important to understand the stages of healing and prescribe exercises that will help, not hinder the healing process. Our highly experienced team design graduated loading programmes to ensure a full timely recovery is made. 

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

From hip and knee replacements to complex ligament reconstructions and spinal surgery, our team can guide, supervise and progress patients through the recovery process. Specialists in post ACL reconstructive surgery and shoulder stabilisation surgery, ensures everyone returns to chosen sports or leisure activities swiftly and safely. 

Injury Prevention Programmes

Prehabilitation programmes and sessions with our Rehabilitation specialists, ensures our clients are fit to participate in chosen sports. 
So fit to run, ski and rugby programmes are available for all. 

We also run an adolescent weight training workshop in the summer holidays for those wanting to learn how to lift weights and design programmes in the gym, with our guest S&C coach. 

Ladies & Men's Health Rehabilitation

Classes run on Mon, Tues and Friday for ladies to join in a group circuit based core and weights session. 

The Men's group class runs on Thursday am

Specific Sports Rehabilitation

Our Rehabilitation Specialists have worked with specific sports people, from elite runners, rugby players, tennis players, footballers, basketball, golfers, skiers, netball and softball. We have guided many people back to competition and events, achieving their Personal Bests following our input.  

The Rehabilitation Process

The rehabilitation process begins with a thorough evaluation of the athlete’s injury, including its severity and potential for long-term damage.

Rehabilitation should start as soon as possible following an injury or surgery to help speed recovery. Research shows it can reduce pain, increase activity levels and quality of life, improve mental health, reduce morbidity and prevent further injury.

Early Phase

The Early rehabilitation phase may include a variety of interventions, such as:

Physical therapy exercises to help rebuild strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Manual therapy techniques, such as massage or joint mobilisation, to reduce pain and promote healing.

Cardiovascular conditioning to improve overall fitness and stamina.

Sport-specific training exercises to help the athlete regain their skills and coordination.

Nutritional counseling and other lifestyle interventions to promote healing and overall health.

Psychological counseling and support to help the athlete cope with the emotional and mental challenges of injury and recovery.

Middle Phase

The Middle phase of rehabilitation will start to address the specific needs of the patient or athlete and the demands of their work, leisure activities or sports.

Throughout this phase of the rehabilitation process, the patient’s progress is closely monitored and adjustments are made to the treatment plan as needed.

Rehab will often use one of or a combination of heavy slow resistance training, balance, proprioceptive and neuromuscular training, power training and plyometrics, and cardiovascular training.

Late Phase

The Late phase of rehabilitation is very sport specific, adding in the demands of the sport into the rehabilitation process, such as tackling, speed and agility, ball handing skills and use of equipment (Golf, tennis racquets etc).

Read What Our Patients Say...

Caroline Burrowson


I don't know what state I'd be in now if I hadn't found Donna at Bluesky 4 years ago. After years of trying to find the answers for all my back & hip pain, I cant thank her enough for finding out what was really wrong with me and helping me through surgery and beyond . She has amazing knowledge & professionalism yet is kind and caring as well.

Peter Latham


Excellent. Donna has overseen my re-hab. following spinal surgery 12 months ago with a view to getting back to playing sport. Donna is very analytical as well as knowledgeable and takes great care designing and reviewing a gym program to complement my physio. sessions. She even re-modelled my golf swing to prevent re-injuring the lower back. I`m back on the golf course and gradually re-introducing racquet sports. Daily exercises at home and the gym plus monthly maintenance with Donna keeps me fit and well. Thanks - I highly recommend Donna (and the rest of the team).

Charles Inks


I've been visiting Donna at Blue Sky for almost 15 years. Most of my rehab has been as a result of serious rugby injuries (including knee and shoulder reconstructions). On both occasions, Donna's expert guidance and encouragement has resulted in full recoveries over and above the surgeons expectations. Having given up the rugby, I continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, all of which may not have been possible without Donna's help. We have recommended friends and family to use Donna following injuries or niggles and she never manages to disappoint. If you have any sporting or everyday injuries I would highly recommend using Blue Sky Physio. I wouldn't turn to anyone else.

Chris Incledon


I have been using Blue Sky for the past decade following 3 knee surgeries, 2 of which include ACL reconstructions. Over this period I have got to know the staff incredibly well, not only are they kind, personable people, their professionalism and dedication to helping their clients recover from injuries always exceeds my expectations. I am about to undergo another ACL reconstruction and have no doubt Blue Sky will deliver for me as they have done many times before. Thank you for all you have done for me. I would highly recommend Blue Sky to anyone seeking all types of physio treatment.

Elena Yates


I can’t recommend BlueSkySport Physio highly enough. Donna is simply one of the best physiotherapist in Bristol. She has helped me and my family with various injuries over a number of years. Donna has outstanding knowledge, but also talent for healing and for helping people. I’ve also recently met Charlie Samuel who specializes in rehabilitation programs. The advice and exercises I’ve been given by both Donna and Charlie are already making a huge difference and I’m almost pain free for the first time in months. I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to anyone who needs a professional and effective treatment for any musculoskeletal problems. Thank you so much!

Miranda Nicholes


Donna was an excellent physio! I contacted Blue Sky Sports Physio towards the end of my rehab for ACL reconstruction. She assessed the level I was at with my knee in the first session and then gave me great sessions each week which progressed nicely. I saw excellent results and gained muscle and stability quickly. Towards the end, Donna introduced sport specific exercises which gave me more confidence on my knee so I could start playing again. I would definitely recommend Blue Sky Sports Physio- Donna was lovely, the facilities were great and I felt very supported in my rehab.

Robin Lewis


I cannot speak more highly of Donna and her team at Blue Sky. I have seen at least 15 different private physios after trying to recover from a complicated and serious accident over the years. Not one came close to the knowledge and expertise donna has shown. She has taken me from being unable to sit down and having uncontrollable nerve issues and muscles spasms to being back to all my sports (MTB surfing and climbing), being able to sit down and live a normal life again. I cannot explain how life changing meeting donna has been. No one else including the NHS had a clue what to do, but donna put her knowledge to the test and has done me proud. Blue sky are the only physios you should go see.

Sarah Williams


I am a mum of a 12 year old boy who has leg alignment issues. Having spent several years trying to find the right help for him and being pushed from pillar to post by various people we finally came across Donna at Bluesky. Within minutes she had sussed out the main issues and was clear on a plan moving forward. Her experience and knowledge is unbelievable and her manner while dealing with my son was fabulous. We are now working on a carefully formed plan of sports rehab with Alex at Bluesky, who is making all the exercises fun and engaging while pushing my son to work harder than he ever has before. Alex has been reassuring while challenging my son and I’ve never heard him say he enjoys exercise before so I was thrilled to hear this today! Thank you Bluesky, for your excellent work!!

Jennifer Marks


Donna has been a real find for me! Exceptional Physio therapist with the knowledge, and experience which make her approach absolutely outstanding. I have worked with a number of Physio's over the years, but none that treat the person as a whole, rather than just the symptom. A combination of major surgery, severe concussion and bad habits left me weak and in pain. Donna has rebuilt me to a level I didn't think possible through a new way of doing things, together with a well thought out rehabilitation programme driving stamina, strength and reduced pain. She has exceptional experience, has taught her profession to others, and has a passion for the industry rarely seen. I would recommend Donna to anyone who is struggling, and needs help what ever the fitness level, young or old. An amazing lady to work with!

Grant Allen


I can’t recommend Donna and Alex enough. I had torn a muscle whilst training in the gym. This was causing persistent pain and sleepless nights on pain killers. Donna diagnosed the route problem, immediately focusing on fixing the pain to allow me to sleep. The focus then turned to rehab and strengthening to reduce the risk of any further injury with the support of Alex. These are functional exercises that I can incorporate into my routine. What I really liked was everything was broken down and explained so I knew exactly what I was doing and why. Don’t struggle with injury, let Blue Sky help.

Elaine Creber


I would like to extend my personal thanks to Donna and The Whole Team at Bluesky. Without my weekly ‘face to face’ Holistic Physiotherapy Sessions I’m not sure how I would cope both Physically & mentally. Donna’s empathetic approach, and expertise is greatly assisting with my rehabilitation, improving pain, mobility and whole Wellbeing. I hope that during the current National Lockdown the Government will still see and say that Physiotherapist are an important medical service. If this service isn’t seen as ‘essential’ then I will personally end up regressing, not only physically but mentally as well. I am so ‘praying’ �� that Bluesky will continue to remain ‘open’ offering these much needy weekly physio sessions. Kindest of regards, your very thankful client, Elaine.

Jon Deacon


Donna is an excellent physio who has managed to sort me out in respect of various ailments over the years. Not only is Donna great at providing treatment, she has a fantastic knowledge of what caused the issue and what exercises are needed for rehab to strengthen the body and to prevent it happening again. Donna helped resolve issues I was having with my knees which allowed me to take up skiing and is currently helping me resolve calf issues so I can continue to participate in triathlons. I highly recommend.

Lola Martin


I worked with Sean on a hamstring and hip injury, Having never had a long-term injury before I was unsure what I needed to work on to get back running. Sean was patient, knowledgable and thorough, supporting me to a full recovery. He offered advice on my running technique and gave me strength exercises to avoid injury. I learnt so much about how important it is to do strength exercises, stretch and take full recovery time if my body needs it. I would highly recommend him.

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